John's Review

March 11, 2017



John's Review


Medieval weaponry, swords, shields, knights in shining armor, unbelievable bosses, hugely detailed variety of levels, certainty of death, online multiplayer mode - Dark Souls has it all.

Dark souls takes place in a kingdom of many lands. You start the game as a lowly peon, in a dungeon, with a basic sword and little else. From this room you start your quest, visiting various regions of the medieval castle and surrounding lands as you unlock more of the story. You gain souls that can be used to level up the different characteristics of your character, depending on which kind of personality you chose to be at the beginning of the game. The game is hard, dying happens frequently, especially at the beginning of the game. The bosses tend to be huge and incredibly strong, they vary for each level and sometimes you will need to contend with two at the same time. There is an online multiplayer mode, it can only be accessed once certain things have been found. 

This game is HARD, the Dark Souls series has been rated as one of the most difficult video games created. You will die a lot, so if the idea of frequently being slaughtered doesn't appeal to you, this game is not for you. Although Dark Souls is not a new game, the are two newer games in the series, it is still great to play. There's a huge variety of weapons to be obtained in the game and they are all upgradable, swords, shields, axes, dragon's teeth, tails, poleaxes, etc. Each of them has the own merits and some are equipped with elemental magic. Also, there is a large selection of armor to be found in the game. Just like the weapons, the armor has different merits and statistics that can also be upgraded. Some weapons and armor can only be used after defeating certain enemies and others can only be used when your character has reached a certain level.  There are many places to explore throughout the game, different areas of the castle, lakes, valleys, gargoyle infested roof tops, etc. Some can only be explored after you have completed certain tasks. The bosses are many and all of them are hard to beat, but not impossible. Sometimes you will need to level up to a specific level or need a certain kind of weapon to give you an advantage over a particular boss. Mulitplayer mode really is the strong point of this game. It is certainly possible to complete Dark Souls on your own, but playing with a couple of friends to take out one of the big bosses brings a great feeling of satisfaction. There are some levels of the game where it is possible to play with friends only after accomplishing a certain task, but once the task is done you can summon your friends into the game to help out as before. Dark Souls is definitely a game to add to your collection!


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