John's Review

March 11, 2017



John's Review


Do you like ripping around the local park on your BMX? Shredding all your raddest moves as you pull off wind and crazy jumps and stunts? Are you knowledgably about all those crazy names of 
all of the tricks the top rides perform? Or are you dark-minded? Pulling off sick, dangerous moves, only to see your rider crash and burn at the bottom of some gravity defying slope? 
Pumped BMX+ is the game for you.

Pumped BMX+ is an updated version of a cell phone game, revamped for video consoles. It has more than 50 levels with 500 challenges of increasing difficulty, with varying types of stunts or 
tasks needed in order to progress through the game. The game starts with a series of training courses designed to get you accustomed to the different controls, moves and game play. 
It is possible to customize the design of your clothing, helmet and bike so your character looks just the way you want him to. The game starts with some basic training levels to introduce 
you to the game, starting from some simple jumps and grabs to linking together more advanced techniques. 

This game is very cool, from the graphics to the game play, to trying to pull off all the stunts and challenges. You start off the game by going through some basic training modes that 
teach you how to handle the bike and the rider, and the basics of pulling off and linking moves together. These range from simple jumps, graphs, grinds to more complicated moves such as 
the Superman grab, etc. Each of the 50 levels has an easy, medium, or hard mode and these are full of challenges for you to complete. It's possible to go back and repeat the levels to try 
to gain highest scores, or unlock the next set of levels.  Sometimes it can be a little challenging to link the different lives together, especially after playing a videogame like Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater where you can simply mash the buttons to rack up a huge score. It's extremely satisfying to be able to complete all of the challenges in the levels easy medium and hard modes. 
It's definitely a lot of fun and for sure is a game that you should download and try out. 

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