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March 6, 2017


Ranked as one of the hardest video games ever, Dark Souls 2 follows on in the footsteps of the previous games Demon souls and Dark souls 1. From the beginning to the final battle, everything in the game has just one thought on it’s mind - to stick a weapon through your heart. Reaching the end is past difficult, but not impossible.


Dark souls 2 is a medieval role play game with the object of destroying the evil ruler of the land, while battling legions of enemies and a range of incredibly hard boss characters. You start the game outside a small hut where three extremely ancient women live, and they set you on your path to try to defeat the ruler of the land and take your place upon the throne. After this, you journey to Majula to start your quest. From this broken down village, you can journey to various parts of the land of Drangleic, needing to return here in order to level up and tune up your spells and weapons with characters who inhabit this place. There are many places to visit in the game, a few of them are hidden or need unlocking. Castles sinking into lava, a dragon’s airie, frozen wastelands, flooded enchanted garden complete with evil mages, the games has all of these and more. The bosses are hard, you will die repeatedly, if you don’t like being killed often, this game is not for you. Giant frogs, huge knights with ridiculous swords and spears, a mega-sized slug, and dragons - all and more await you to perform violent acts upon your person. On top of this, your game is can be invaded at any time by NPC characters, they can be defeated for points to help level up yourself or your weapons. There is a huge range of weaponry you can wield - swords, shields, axes, dragon’s teeth, spears, all can be upgraded and enchanted with spells or magical properties. An impressive selection of armor is also available, most of them you will need to kill the rightful owners before they can be purchased. These range from simple shifts, helmets, boots etc. to huge suits of armor, and these can all be upgraded by the blacksmith found in Majula.


Without a doubt, the best feature of the game is the online play mode. You can leave your symbol on the floor to be summoned into other people’s games to help them, or click on another players summon sign to allow them to enter and help you in your game. Summoning another person alters the difficulty level, making bosses harder to kill, but you still get a great feeling of satisfaction when you take down some boss with a sword that is so large it would be impossible to lift under any circumstances. It is also possible to invade another person’s world, for me this is the most annoying part of the game, finding that you are invaded by the same guy three or four times in a row, and that it is impossible for you to kill him/her, usually I commit suicide so I can continue with my normal game instead of wasting time trying to kill this person, only to die anyway. It is possible to play offline and not be invaded but you lose the functionality of playing with a friend, the choice is yours.


Dark souls 2 is great, best played two player, but if you like a serious challenge on your own is the way to go. If you really don’t like games where you die a lot, there are other games you can try, such as, Dragon’s Dogma or Kingdoms of Amalur. There are some extra levels that can be downloaded and it is well worth downloading them to face off against even more enemies and bosses. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.




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