John's Review

March 2, 2017


Demorou mas estamos de volta com a nossa review de games feitos pelo nosso teacher John!


Então vamos lá!


"Your city has been taken over by zombies and you are one of the very few survivors. The zombies have mutated into different breeds and it is your job to fight your way through them on various missions to try and save mankind. What will you do? How will you survive and make sure that you don't end up as part of a zombie burger?


Dead Nation is an apocalyptic Survival game, where world has taken over by zombies and humans are in very short supply. The game is played from a top down perspective and the graphics are vivid and the landscapes extremely detailed. You start the game about a year after the world was overrun and you have run out of food and supplies need to find transport as quickly as possible. Your first campaign starts on top of the building where you are holed up and this is where your basic training begins. As you progress through the game, you find more weapons and supplies and are able to customize them to cause more damage and devastation, for example, using Molotov cocktails to torch large groups of monsters and zombies and all other kinds of mutant creatures. At certain points in the game you encounter boss characters that need to be disposed of in order to continue. It's possible to play by yourself, online or together with a friend (my favorite game option). A download updates the game with a series of extra missions to extend the life of the game, and gives you more chances to cause mayhem and destruction.


I love this game! It is a shoot-em-up, blow-em-up and try to ‘get try the hell out of Dodge’ alive kind of game. At first just shooting the zombies and other creatures works just fine to survive, but later you need to get more creative, for example, shooting a parked car to draw the zombies to it and then blowing it up for maximum points. There are upgrades for weaponry that allow you to use them in more varied ways as you progress through the game. Playing with a friend in co-op in my opinion is the best way to play. Teaming up to fight your way through the masses of hungry monsters allows you plenty of different ways to wreak havoc. You play on the same screen and don't need two consoles and televisions. It's possible to finish the game in a day but for sure you'll have a lot of fun in those 24 hours. Definitely a great game!"




E aí? gostou?

Então curta, compartilhe e marque seus amigos!


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